We´ve talked with Yuri Colet, BIWPA co-founder and Manager of Gymnapolis Waterpolo Soller about his club and our following water polo camps.

This is your second season in Mallorca in front of Gymnapolis Waterpolo Soller. How do you assess an individual?
I’m learning a lot in the field of sports management and event organization. In addition to applying my methodology club in the categories that are slowly paying off. Undoubtedly the growth of water polo on the island has been notorious.

-What have been the keys in your opinion?
I think there are few teams on the island, but at the core of each team there is much technical trust and hard work hard. From my time in Baleares I see the motivation of these boys and girls. Also the support of the federation to the children’s Spanish National Championship Children’s Championship allows us to make a good following of the young and see the evolution.

– What are the next steps for water polo on the island?
We must establish a good competitive and arbitration system. And most of all I think it is important for teams from here, to go out on their own or in other foreign countries to gain experience, ideas of how kids live water polo !!

– Last weekend was the fourth edition of the tournament. All sporting success to be settled every year …
Within our means I think we’re betting on these tournaments each season will be more and we intend to keep improving and organizing more events that promote and assist Balearic water polo.

– With regard to BIWPA, as a founding partner and CTO of it, what has it provided water polo so far?
Mainly it provides opportunities for people looking to improve, have fun, learn and make friends. The methodology BIWPA is always present in all services, training camps, the camps academia, etc.
At the end our goal is to help water polo players be their best!

– The dates for the water polo Camps are approaching. What can the kids expect?
Well they should expect a technical breakfast, technical lunch, and technical dinner!! The truth is that the campus sessions focus on improving individual technique. But there is evidently no time for everything, we’ll play other sports games, see videos and certainly laugh a lot !!