A mobile amphibious performance analysis camera that is extremely easy to install and allows our coaches to observe the athletes in real time. You can imagine that BIWPA is proud to be the official representative of the Watlicam of water polo around the world.
BIWPA incorporates this high-end technology within our training programs for several reasons. The transparency established between coaches and athletes due to the Watlicam result in a more efficient, effective and a more fun learning experience.


The Watlicam is the first completely mobile camera in the world. In other words, the camera can be installed and dismounted in just a matter of seconds. Our desired water polo training is not dependent on the pool anymore, it is solely depending on where we take our Watlicam.

Before the existence of the Watlicam, water analysis camera’s recorded either under or above the water. The Watlicam does enables our coaches to view below and above the waterline of the pool. The images stay clean despite the waves and water ripple effects. The high-end technology utilized makes sure both horizontal views of the waterline are equally displayed without any delay in Full HD. The ability to stream the HD recording instantly to any tablet, smartphone or laptop through Wi-Fi, allows
our players


Bet Fernandez has been coaching synchronized swimming at all performance levels:
Teaching basics, advanced skills and national teams. She helped the national teams by perfecting the skills they needed to achieve the Olympic medals they won.

Due to her career she had the opportunity to work with experts in sport sciences, Bet used technological advanced tools to save precious training time.
Marc Araño is the industrial designer with whom she made the Watlicam possible.

Quim Colet’s experience with the Watlicam

Quim Colet has been the Technical Waterpolo Director of the Catalan Swimming Federation during the last eight years, designing and adapting a working model which is a worldwide reference. In addition, he has coached the male waterpolo Olympic team in Beijing 2008 London 2012. Now Quim Colet is the sport director of BIWPA.

Quim is a trainer focused on developing the individual technique of the players, which has been a constant in his career as a trainer of the many different teams that he has worked with, from groups of beginners to high-performance teams.

Experience and recommendations of Watlicam.

“As the director of the academy, my principle objective is that our alumni reach the maximum level of water polo capability, particularly regarding their individual technical skills, the fundamental element for their tactical development. Thanks to watlicam, this process of education is easier to understand and overall the best option. The real time images help me as a trainer to make the opportune corrections of the technical movements I need to improve and in the same moment the player can immediately visualize the corrections after seeing them.”