FROM 16 TO 18 JUNE 2017

  • Day 16 – From 14:00h to 18:45h, Group phase
  • Day 17 – From 08:15h to 18:45h, Group phase
  • Day 18 – From 08:15h to 18:45h, Semis & Final

At the end of the tournament the winners will get a trophy (1st,2nd, 3rd). Also the participants will get commemorative medals.

Each player will get a “Welcome Pack”.


Competition format

  • The participants will belong to U15 category. Born in 2001 or less.
  • The tournament will be composed by 20 U15 teams and there will be 2 phases.
  • The teams will be distributed in 4 groups of 5 teams. In this primary phase it will play a little league in one-way, remaining a classification from 1st to 5th.
  • When this finish, the first classified of each group will play at the semifinals, for 1 to 4 positions. The seconds of each group will play for 5 to 8 positions. The thirds of each group will play for 9 to 12. The fourths of each group will play for 13 to 16 positions. Finally, the fifths of each group will play for 17 to 20 positions. The teams will play with these patterns: 1A-1B, 1C-1D, 2A-2B, 2C-2D, 3A-3B, 3C-3D, 4A-4B, 4C-4D, 5A-5B, 5C-5D.
  • The winners of the semifinals will play to know the 1st and 2nd position, 5 and 6, 9 and 10, 13 and 14, 17 and 18. The losers will play to know the 3 to 4 positions, 7 to 8, 11 to 12, 15 to 16 and 19 to 20.
  • If there are not 20 teams, we will try to make the maximum possible matches.

Competition rules

  • The number of team members is limited.
  • It Is necessary a minimum of 9 or 14 masculine players (2 of each with red cap).
  • It is necessary 2 officials minimum for team (trainer and delegate).
  • The size of the playing area is 22×16,5m and the goals are 3x1m.
  • The matches will be played with ball number 5 Men of Turbo.
  • The competition will have a league phase format + knockout phase (depending the classification).
  • The game time is 2 parts of 15 minutes with 2 rest minutes between parts. All the members have to play during the game.
  • In case of draw in the league phase classification, it will decide the winner with 2 goals of difference.
  • The first three teams will receive a trophy and the rest will get an appreciation for their effort.
  • The competitions takes place from Friday 14:00 to 18:45, from Saturday 8:15 to 18:45, and form Sunday 8:15 to 18:45.
  • During the competition, there will be a medical assistance.
  • If any team don’t play the match the other will win by five goals.


The tournament takes place at the outside pool on the sport zone in Club Natació Montjuïc. Our installations offer an big zone of grass, Olympic pool and grades for the public.


It is necessary to do it via email at this direction: You has to name David Romero and “Waterpolo U15 Tournament Inscription & Name of the Club” as a subject.

The amount of the inscription is 150 € and it is necessary to do it via bank transfer to this account:

IBAN: ES89 0049 4737 79 2610033293

Once you have done the transfer, we will send to you a confirmation email where you need to fill this gaps:

  • Club
  • Trainer/Trainers
  • Team delegate
  • Members of the team (name, surname & date of birth).
  • Team photography

Also we attach an image rights authorization document.


Pere Tarrés Foundation

    2 NIGHT 180€/PERSON (room for 6-8 persons)
    3 NIGHT 270€/PERSON (room for 6-8 persons)

    2 NIGHT 210€/PERSON (double room “only coaches”)
    3 NIGHT 315€/PERSON (double room “only coaches”)

    Breakfast & dinner at the Pere Tarrés Foundation.
    Lunch at the Montjuïc Municipal Pool.


    Food at the Montjuïc Municipal Pool. Menu of 13 € for person.


Principal organization chart:

Josep Mª Valls (Director and Responsible of Waterpolo & Swimming section)

Alfons Cánovas (Waterpolo Technique Director)

Florentino Villa (Competition Technique Responsible)

David Romero (Competition Coordinator and Director)

Eusebio Gómez (Competition Coordinator and Director)

Joel Esteller (Team Coordinator, BIWPA)


The tournament has 2 waterpolo fields (Campo 1 & Campo 2), where takes place the matches simultaneously. The fields will be parallel. Between the fields there are a resting area where players can relax or warm during the matches.

Each field has a referee and 2 judges. Between fields there will be the Competition Coordinator table which will take the results and announce the next matches.

You can download the complete dossier: 2º TOURNAMENT MAREA VERDE (PDF)

Enrollment at Barcelona Internacional Marea Verde

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Allergies or nutritional needs: If any of the players or team members have any food allergy or special nutrition needs, please contact the organization at: