BIWPA offers the opportunity to drive a training camp for your school or club team. Our staff will design, develop and direct a training program adapted to the level of each team.

During our advice, we can provide a wide range of exercises to improve technique and tactics, based on the needs of the players. Our goal is to help team athletes to improve using the same model of success that has helped players from 14U to 20U to play at international level with either their club teams or national teams, and achieve the highest level of success possible.


The program performed by BIWPA in its Team Training Camp is unique and demanding, focused on helping teams to develop confidence, mental toughness and winning mentality. From the very moment that team players wake up in the morning until they go to sleep at night, the experience a full day of pure energy, courage and hard work. It does this in one of the best facilities in the world, the High Performance Centre CAR of Sant Cugat (Barcelona).


Our main goal is to help your team as much as possible.

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Barcelona International Water Polo Academy