Over 18

Water polo and higher education

"Play water polo in Barcelona and study a Bachelor's/Master's degree or take a gap year to get ready for college"

Our Academy welcomes water polo players from all over the world who wish to compete at a high level with our senior team. Athletes train on a daily basis under a high performance program led by our internationally recognized head coach Quim Colet.

Besides, they have the chance to follow their university studies in Barcelona with Geneva Business School, a Swiss-quality school offering Bachelor and Master programs in international management. 

Water polo and higher education

Barcelona WaterPolo Club

Our club was born with the idea of offering all Academy athletes over 18 years a chance to compete in the regional league from October to June. 

10-month season

Competitive games take place every weekend from October until June. 

Academy program

Train under the BIWPA Academy methodology during the week, focused on improving your individual skills, tactics and decision-making.

Club team league

Senior water polo in Barcelona and Spain offers a chance to keep playing at a competitive level to players from different levels. 

Around the world

Share your passion for water polo with players from all over the globe.

Barcelona based

Club practices and official games take place in Barcelona. Enjoy the city's culture, food and sights!

A water polo capital

Barcelona is one of the water polo capitals of the world, with high-level competitive games going on every week.

Geneva Business School

A business school for the world's future leaders

The BIWPA Academy and Geneva Business School have joined forces to offer a unique opportunity that combines a high-performance water polo program and higher education in Barcelona (Bachelor's or Master's degree).

Athletes wishing to improve their water polo skills and compete will have the chance to study in a Swiss-quality business education school, located right in the middle of the action in Barcelona. 


Bachelor's or Master's Degree


A high performance water polo program combined with a 3-year Bachelor of International Management with 6 different specializations. Come play in Barcelona! Learn more >>


Keep playing water polo and competing at the highest level after college while studying a 1.5-year Master of International Management with 5 different specializations. Learn more >>

Daily practices focused on the individual skills with the BIWPA coaching staff, evening trainings with the club team and weekly competition. Come to one of the water polo capitals of the world!

Gap year in Barcelona

The gap year program is intended to give student-athletes a break from academics to improve as a water polo player and have time to consider the next steps in their education and career plans. Why take a gap year?

  • An exciting adventure to develop important life skills.
  • Discover a new culture. You will love Barcelona.
  • Step outside your comfort zone.
  • Combine it with Spanish courses.
  • High performance training and competition with a local club team.

Water polo and Spanish

Players wishing to stay over three months can take Spanish classes in order to get the student visa.

A world-class water polo program

Take advantage of our high performance training program with daily practices focused on improving your individual skills, technique and tactics. Compete in the regional league with our senior team! (stays over 3 months)

Learn Spanish

BCN Languages has been teaching Spanish to foreigners in Barcelona for more than 20 years. The school offers classes in small groups so that each student can receive personalized attention.

A decision you won't regret


One of the world's top destinations for international students and water polo players. Enjoy the city's food, culture and leisure activities!

Housing options

We have partnerships with great university dorms located in some of the most trendy areas with full board included. Ask us for the best option!


Hannah Babasa

California, USA

"The coaches know what they're doing and you can obviously see it. They're really passionate about getting you to be the best water polo player you can be. This can definitely help me as a national team player. The playing style here is similar to Thailand, where I was originally born."

Jack Brodersen

Washington, USA

"BIWPA has been an amazing opportunity for me to progress my skills in water polo along with living in a new city and learn a new language. The gap year program has been great so far, learning every day from my coaches and playing at a high level. It's been a great fit and I'm excited to come back in January."