Meet Us

Meet the team, mission, vision, and values

What is BIWPA?

The Barcelona Internacional Water Polo Academy (BIWPA) is a project of excellence and quality moved by the enthusiasm and willingness to educate young water polo players at all athletic, human, and intellectual levels.

BIWPA was born in 2014 to broadcast a way of training that has been developing particularly in Spain, based on improving and enhancing individual skills.

We offer a variety of camps, conceived and directed by renowned coaches with international recognition. These are programs based on sporting excellence, both for young players who want to improve their technique and for teams who want to elevate their game.
We believe in a methodology that has been successfully developing for 15-20 years in the Catalan Swimming Federation (FCN) and in Barcelona, which focuses on the fundamentals, the individual and technique and tactics, combined with real game situations and decision making.

We're celebrating 10 years!

2014 - 2024

Mission, Vision, and Values 

We are a recognized and passionate professional team in water polo, offering training for all stakeholders in the sector in various formats tailored to their needs, striving for excellence in every step we take.

Our Mission 

To provide the best educational and experiential option in the water polo sector to the entire interested community (athletes and professionals in the sector).

Continuously expanding our range of services, adapting them to new needs that may arise for our target audience. Therefore, we aim to generate growth for our organization and water polo as a sport. Expanding our international presence in countries where there is a passion for the sport but with lower knowledge and levels.

Our Vision

We aim for excellence in all the programs we offer, which is why we aspire to become international benchmarks in the world of water polo and to foster its growth.

We strive to be top-of-mind for our target audience as a successful methodology and to have a highly experienced technical team.

The BIWPA Values


We are constantly evolving, creating services tailored to the needs of our target audience. That's why we are also approachable and flexible.


Our passion for water polo is our driving force and what motivates us to help young athletes achieve their maximum potential.


It is the point we aim to reach, our aspiration in every step we take, as well as what we want to share with our users/customers.


It is our overarching value in all the programs we develop. Our technical team is key to our success.


We work and convey the importance of discipline to achieve success both within our organization and with all the athletes who go through BIWPA.

Meet the Team


A family-owned company passionate about water polo

Cristina Marin

Quim Colet

Yuri Colet

Eric Colet

Cristina Marin, General Manager:

It all began in January 2013 when my family and I were watching a TV program called "Informe Robinson" on Canal Plus, which featured a basketball academy in the Canary Islands. This inspired us to dream big. The idea of ​​creating an international water polo academy emerged, with the belief that our athletes could excel both in sports and academics from Barcelona, ​​one of the water polo capitals in the world. Little did we know that this vision would lead to the creation of BIWPA.

Behind the Scenes

Meet our office team

Co-founder and director, overseeing all operations within the organization.

Cristina Marin

General Manager

In charge of all communications, both internal and external.

Martí Cercavins

Comms Manager

Responsible for the organization of all tournaments.

Saül Sanz

Tournament Manager

Manages all training trips for teams coming to Barcelona.

Cynthia Segura

Trips Manager

Coach and leading the international expansion of the company.

Ferran Pascual

International Development

Brand ambassador and supporting the sales department.

Anni Espar

Sales Agent

Manages all designs and gives support with content creation.

Ariadna Vela

Graphic Designer

Important role in sales and also the Academy's physiotherapist.

Eric Colet

Sales Agent

Implements workflow procedures and supports trips planning.

Meri Espinazo

Assistant Manager

In contact with all teams and helps with event management.

Judit Torrent

Tournament Coordinator

Oversees all financial movements within the organization.

David Verge

Financial Managerfi

Our values at work

Generosity, humility, trust, enthusiasm, and commitment.

Academy Team

Oversees and manages all Academy requests and admissions.

Xell Siré

Admissions Director

Takes care of all paperwork, visa management, and contact with families.

Ameyali Fonseca

VISA & Family Support

Oversees our residential student-athletes at the residence.

Sergio Vanegas


She provides academic support and guidance to local athletes.

Cristina Sotés

Academic Support