A unique training methodology

The BIWPA methodology, our great differential factor: "We're coaches"

All BIWPA programs, regardless of format, characteristics, and ages, are designed and led by our team of professional coaches. What does this mean?

The foundation of all our training and skill development programs lies in the expertise of our staff. All BIWPA coaches have mandatory formal training provided by both the Catalan and Spanish swimming federations, in addition to extensive experience in the sport as coaches and, in many cases, as high-performance players.

Furthermore, we have the support of the world's best players to add additional value to our programs, providing examples and advice based on their international high-performance experience.

What does our training methodology consist of?

BIWPA is distinguished by its training methodology, known as Integrated Training. To effectively prepare players for real game scenarios, it is crucial to recreate competition-like situations during training sessions. This approach helps players adapt to the pressures and dynamics of actual games. Thus, players can develop the ability to react and perform accurately in various scenarios.

During training sessions, different levels of difficulty and combinations of factors are worked on to recreate varied situations. From analytical exercises to global situations, the goal is to improve technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of each player, contributing to their individual performance and that of the team.

In addition to Integrated Training, BIWPA also incorporates the concept of a player's "moment of action": The 'moment of action' refers to what we could consider as a player's reaction—both technically and tactically—to a 'X' situation in the water.

This concept involves the perception/analysis (1), decision-making (2), and execution (3) that a player performs in response to a specific situation in the water. The three phases of this process are fundamental and are worked on in training sessions through different levels of difficulty and assumptions.

Where does it originate? 

This methodology has been used by prominent coaches and team sports trainers such as football and handball at FC Barcelona. This includes figures like Paco Seirul·lo, Valero Rivera, Xesco Espar, and Pep Guardiola, among others.

In the realm of water polo, it is a training method that has been developed and implemented for over 20 years at the High-Performance Center (CAR) in Barcelona, where the country's most promising water polo players train from the age of 14.

What role does Quim Colet play in the development of this methodology? 

Quim Colet, BIWPA's sports director, spent over 8 years in charge of the talent development program at the Catalan Swimming Federation. As technical director (2008 - 2016), he played a prominent role in the design and implementation of this proven successful methodology.

Under his direction, the contents of the mandatory courses for all coaches aspiring to lead a club in all its categories from 10u (benjamin) to professional senior teams were created, differentiated by different levels of training.

Why can we claim it has become a successful methodology? 

It is undeniable that, no matter how much dedication is invested in the training of elite athletes, the true measure of the success of a training system lies in achieving high-caliber medals.

Over the past decade, Spain has seen its two national teams (male and female) establish themselves as two of the most successful in the world:

  • The women's team has continuously won medals since they claimed the World Championship in Barcelona in 2014. Highlights include three European championships, the silver medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and the World League in 2022. 
  • On the other hand, the men's team has also consistently climbed the podium since David Martin took over in 2017: Seven medals in seven years, including gold at the 2022 World Championship (Budapest), World Cup 2023 (Los Angeles), and the 2024 European Championship (Croatia). 

In the youth categories, Spanish teams have also reached the podium in multiple world and European championships in recent years, both in the U15, U17, and U19 or junior categories.

In what programs do we apply this methodology? 

The Academy is where we apply and follow this methodology most strictly and rigorously, as it is our most intensive and high-performance program. Obviously, the follow-up is not the same in the annual or semi-annual program as it is in our Summer Academy, where time is more limited.

Although all our camps and clinics are based on the same philosophy, in these formats, there is more of an initiation focus, with special attention to the work of fundamentals, individual technique and tactics, and decision-making, always adapting to the ages and abilities of each training group.