Studies and high performance water polo

“Study and play water polo in Barcelona”

BIWPA is an international water polo academy based in Barcelona, Spain, that offers the best combination between high performance water polo and academic studies.

We mainly target athletes ages 14 to 18 who are looking to combine their studies with water polo trainings and competition at a high level. We also offer bachelor's, master's and gap year programs for athletes that have finished high school. 

Developing champions in life through sport.

Our current programs

2020-21 Academic Year

Annual, semester or short program. Play water polo and study in Barcelona, Spain, one of the water polo capitals of the world. High performance water polo and club team competition combined with high school, higher studies or gap year.

2021 Spring Semester

Spend the 2021 Winter Semester in Barcelona, Spain, and improve your water polo skills while you keep studying. Weekly competition with a local club team and daily morning practices with the best coaching staff. Elevate your game with BIWPA!

Sports Director

The BIWPAcademy offers something unique in the world and is led by Quim Colet, who has played an important role in establishing the foundations of the current water polo system in Spain, a model of success.

Colet is currently the Men's Water Polo Head Coach at CN Sabadell, one of the most important sports clubs in Spain, and also the Academy's Sports Director. He is two-time Olympian with the Spanish men's national team and won three medals in World Championships and two medals in European Championships with the junior national team.

Our program applies a training methodology for high-performance water polo, executed by most of the Spanish water polo players with international projection.

Coaching staff

"Experience, skill and a high level background"

From left to right: Ferran Pascual, Quim Colet, Yuri Colet and Fran Torres.

Sports Program

A perfect balance between elite training and academics.

High performance water polo

A methodology focused on individual technical and tactical skills. 

Access to high-level competition

Train and compete on a weekly basis with the Academy club team to develop team cohesiveness and tactics. 

Strength and conditioning sessions (dryland)

Three dryland trainings a week with a physical trainer.

Included services for our athletes' care 

Physical therapist, nutritionist and mental coach. 

Masterclasses with Olympians

Special practices once a month with professional and national team players. 

Personalized Watlicam sessions

Enables real-time performance analysis from under and above the water by the technical staff.

One-on-one coaching 

Individualized feedback for every athlete and their specific position. 

Get ready for college 

The experience that will set you apart from the crowd. 

Play in one of the world's top competitions for age groups.

"In water polo an athlete's body is mostly underwater"

Real-time performance analysis with the Watlicam 

Training facilities

Blume - Pool

A sports facility where the Academy athletes share their daily routine with athletes from different disciplines.

Blume - Gym

The gym is located in the very same Blume facility and has all of the necessary equipment.

CN Sant Feliu (CNSF)

All of our Academy athletes compete and train with CNSF weekly.


An amazing place to live in

Its architecture, weather, food and culture make Barcelona the perfect destination. Besides, the city's water polo culture is prestigious with high-level competition happening every weekend. 

Living away from home teaches student-athletes independence and responsibility.

Relevant Facts

Numbers that show how we work

41 athletes

in season 18/19 

9 nationalities

in season 18/19 

Meet people from all over the glove and expand your water polo network. 

A day in the life of an Academy athlete


See how other athletes benefited from the Academy

Mark Laurlund

California (USA) - Semester program

"I had the chance to compete with the best 16U team in Spain, Club Natació Barcelona, and winning both the Catalan and Spanish Championships. I had the best experience of my life: I played water polo, I traveled around Barcelona, and had a great time with my friends and club team."

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Alison Doherty

California (USA) - Annual program

"My 4 years at the Academy have been very memorable. I would not be where I am today without the staff and the people I've met along the way; it's a once in a life time opportunity and you learn so much about yourself, about the game, about other people and about a new culture. All in all I think Barcelona has it all."

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Video Testimonials

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