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  • Módulo I - Iniciación
  • Módulo II - Desarrollo y tecnificación

"Online courses for water polo coaches with the best learning method"

The Coaches Institute, BIWPA's coaching academy, presents its training courses for water polo coaches from around the world. We believe the best education for coaches is an essential part for a good development of the athlete and the sport.

The courses are perfectly adapted to the digital environment, distributed in four units, ranging from initiation to development, technification and high-performance.

Upcoming courses

Unit 1 - 1st edition



The course contains the basic fundamentals and essential technical-tactical content for young and amateur water polo coaches.


Aimed at inexperienced coaches and future coaches seeking essential training and tools for initiation in the world of water polo.


Be 16 years old (or older). 



Dates and format

Dates coming soon.

100% online, with more than 30 videos showing fundamentals and technique drills!



Our goal

Teach the theoretical-practical base necessary to all water polo coaches to benefit the development and performance of athletes. We focus our efforts on countries with a lack of regulated education for coaches. 

After laying the foundations, our objective is to keep educating coaches by introducing new concepts and knowledge for the development and technification of the sport in the area.

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If you are a swimming or water polo federation (or similar) and want to offer your coaches an accredited and professional education, we are what you are looking for. Contact us for more information about our online courses for coaches. 

A successful method 

Perfectly adapted to online teaching

100% online

Coronavirus has changed the way we live. We provide real education from home with an efficient learning experience.

Recognized faculty

Courses offered by a team of experienced and highly qualified coaches, leaders in education for coaches worldwide.

Officially certified

We partner with Federations all around the world to provide regulated courses that offer official certification.

Laying the foundations

Education of coaches has been one of the keys for the success of Spanish water polo and the development of its athletes.

Multiple units

For all levels, objectives and needs. We have designed a 360º learning experience from initiation to high-performance.


All our faculty members work actively in their sectors, most of them water polo coaches competing at the highest level. Besides, they have all taken an active part in designing the contents of the courses and have broad experience as teachers. 

Directed by

Quim Colet

More than 30 years of coaching experience in Spain. He took part in two Olympic Games and was the Technical Director of the Catalan Swimming Federation for 8 years. He is currently the head coach of the Club Natació Sabadell men's senior team, in the Spanish Honor Division.


The best at what they do 

Ferran Plana

Director of Methodology CN Sabadell

Assistant Coach of the men's senior team and Director of Methodology at CN Sabadell. More than 12 years of expertise teaching for the Catalan Federation.

Yuri Colet

Coach CN Poble Nou & BIWPA Academy

Head Coach of CN Poble Nou senior men's team (1st Spanish National Division) and BIWPA co-founder. More than 10 years of coaching expertise. 

Luana Prato

Sport Psychologist | 10 yr of experience

Degree in Psychology and Master's in Sports Psychology and Physical Activity. Currently studying Doctorate Studies in Health and Sports Psychology at UAB. 



From initiation to high-performance

Unit I: Initiation

Aimed at inexperienced coaches and future coaches seeking essential training and tools for initiation in the world of water polo.

Unit II: Development and technification

Three blocks: initiation to basic water polo tactics; methodology; psychology and team management. 

Unit III: Development and technification


Unit IV: High-performance



Online learning, same standard

Content pills

Professors upload the content distributed by pills on an online educational platform. Every week, a new pill is unveiled: videos where the teacher conducts a presentation with visual slides.

Remote classes

Weekly live sessions designed to discuss the content of every pill. During these sessions, students can interact with each other, ask questions directly to professors and share ideas.


Every pill includes a number of practical exercises meant to challenge students and allow them to put the theory into practice.

Video support

Exclusive videos filmed with a double vision camera (outside and inside the water) to support part of the theoretical content. Videos show plenty of technical skills and are featured by professional players.

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