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Learn the water polo fundamentals

"Water polo drills and training techniques with tips and comments by our coaches" 

At BIWPA we believe that learning the fundamentals and perfecting the individual technique are key for every water polo athlete. That's why we have launched a page with useful resources for coaches and athletes, with videos featuring professional and semi-professional athletes performing drills and training techniques.

Every video comes with the comments and observations of our Academy coaches, with contents focused on the improvement of individual skills and technique. Our goal is to provide a visual tool for coaches but mostly for athletes to best understand their specific strengths and weaknesses.

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The only camera that provides the coaches with real-time footage of the athletes under and above the water.

Professional athletes

All the players featured in the videos are either current professional players or high-level Academy athletes.

Bilingual contents

Spanish or English, all contents are offered in both languages.

Different sections

Videos are divided into different sections, according to the different game situations: offense, defense, etc.


All contents include comments, tips and observations by our coaches and a special tip.

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Meet the coaches

Highly qualified and with heaps of experience

Quim Colet

Sports Director BIWPA

"We are offering a tool aimed at players and coaches with the basic technical drills to play water polo."

Yuri Colet

 Coach BIWPA Academy

"The more technical skills the players dominate, the more tactical variety the coach will be able to work with."

Ferran Plana

Coach CN Sabadell

In charge of the goalkeeper sections. Assistant coach of CN Sabadell men's water polo senior team and Director of Methodology.

Ferran Pascual

Coach BIWPA Academy

"All drills and exercises are performed by our athletes at the Academy and also elite athletes."

1. Basic Individual Technique

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Featuring: Marina Cordobés and Oscar Carrillo (CNS); Bea Ortiz (CNT); Anni Espar (CNM); Ethan, Liam, Ryder, David, Mark and Pablo (BIWPA Academy).

  • Basic vertical position

  • Vertical position rotation with ball ('Statue of Liberty')

  • Jumps (frontal and backwards)

  • Over the hips (frontal and dorsal)

  • Over the hips (lateral)

  • Over the hips ('spider drill')

  • Jumps (vertical and lateral)

  • 'Hungarian' butterfly (jumps with one and two hands)

  • Vertical breaststroke kick

  • Water polo butterfly (jumped)

  • Frontal passing

  • Slides (frontal/dorsal) and over the hips

  • Slides and faking with ball

2. Goalkeeper Drills

2.1. Goalie Slide Technique

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>> Featuring one of the world's best goalies: Dani López Pinedo!

  • Slides (all positions)

  • 'Triangle' slides (positions 3-1, 3-5)

  • Slides between drivers (positions 2-4)

  • Slides wing-driver changing side (positions 1-2, 4-5)

  • Slides wing-driver changing side with jump (positions 1-2, 4-5)

  • Slides from wing to wing (post-post)

  • Slides (positions 4-1, 2-5)

  • Slides from wing to wing (post-post) in man down

2.2. Goalie Lunge and Passing Technique

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>> Featuring one of the world's best goalies: Dani López Pinedo!

Lunge technique:

  • Two-hand lunge

  • Upper corners lateral lunge
  • Bottom corners lateral lunge 
  • Frontal lunge (to steal)
  • Lunge to upper corners (from all angles)
  • 'The fan': Lunge to all corners, donut shot, steal and lob
  • Lunge and wrist block
  • Gestural speed (3 directions)

Lob lunge:

  • Slide backwards

  • Lob lunge

Passing technique:

  • Specific goalie pass
  • Slide and pass
  • Swim and pass

3. Offense

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Featuring: Anni Espar (CNM); Marina Cordobés and Oscar Carrillo (CNS); Ethan, Kelly, Marta, Mark, David, Pablo, Liam, Wyatt, Ferran and Anton (BIWPA Academy).

Work for the center:

  • Swim, reception and spin to protect the ball
  • Slide backward to get away from the defender and protect the ball
  • Receive ball, slide, spin and pass to center
  • Fake and pass to center 

Breaking the zone:

  • Lateral slide and over the hips to receive ball
  • Varied fakes
  • Face the goalie and lateral pass (positions 2-4)
  • Slide and lateral pass (positions 2-4)
  • Vertical position slide w/ fake (4 directions)
  • Horizontal slide, over the hips and fake (4 directions)
  • Slide, fake and pass (positions 2-3-4)

6 on 6 moves:

  • Turning the defender and legs under the hips to receive the ball and shoot

4. Defense

4.1 One-on-one | 4.2. Center Defender 🆕

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Featuring: Bea Ortiz (CNT), Marina Cordobés (CNS), Sarah Lizotte (CEM); Ethan, Kelly, Marta, Pablo, Liam, Wyatt, Álvaro.


  • Defensive horizontal position (still)
  • Defensive horizontal position (with rotation)
  • Defensive horizontal position (with displacement)
  • Forward jumping lunge
  • Steal the ball without foul and breaststroke kick
  • Horizontal defensive position vs attacker with ball
  • Backstroke to recover defensive position
  • Lunge to steal the ball
  • Defending the passing lane

Center defender:

  • Side to side - over the hip, jump, swim, spin
  • Front marking