Coaches Seminar

Mt. SAC (Walnut, California) | Jul 29 - Aug 8, 2024

"Learn from seasoned coaches with a wide competitive experience and strong academic qualifications, as per Spain's coaching requirements"

Elevate your coaching skills with our 2024 summer seminars at Mt. SAC in SOCAL. Tailored for high school, club, and college coaches, these sessions cover water polo fundamentals, coaching strategies, and training design. 

Lessons will take place during BIWPA's two summer programs for athletes: camp and academy. Learn from experienced professionals and take your coaching to the next level!

Learn from current Spanish League professional coaches and the one of a kind, and world-renowned, academy in one of the world's water polo meccas: Barcelona, Spain.


This seminars are run concurrently as the BIWPA summer camps and academies for athletes which provides a unique opportunity to learn theory, see it in action from BIWPA coaches, then receive on deck training with feedback to solidify learning concepts.

Seminar 1

High school coaches


Directed to high school coaches


July 29th to August 1st, 2024


> Introduction and development of Water Polo in High Schools

> Technical and tactical contents of the Individual Game

> How to coach the contents at practice

Format (per day)

3 hours theory part

2 hours practice feedback



Seminar 2

Club and college coaches


Directed to club and college coaches


August 5th to 8th, 2024


> Technical and tactical water polo principles for the development of a game system

> Design and classification of training tasks

Format (per day)

3 hours theory part

2 hours practice feedback



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How we do it?

The training sessions will be divided into theoretical and practical classes with the goal that the coaches assimilate the basic concepts of the training system that we use in our programs and that our Sports Director Quim Colet has been developing for the last 20 years in Barcelona.

What will you get?


A summary of all the contents presented in the seminar in a PDF presentation with text and images. 


A series of videos filmed with Watlicam, a waterline camera allowing to see techniques from above and below the surface.


Get a certificate signed by BIWPA's Sports Director Quim Colet, renowned 2x Olympic coach.


More than 30 years of coaching experience in Spain. He took part in two Olympic Games and was the Technical Director of the Catalan Swimming Federation for 8 years. He is currently the head coach of the Club Natació Sabadell men's senior team, in the Spanish Honor Division.

Quim Colet

Sports Director

Head Coach and co-founder of the Barcelona International Water Polo Academy (BIWPA). More than 15 years of coaching expertise including two promotions with CN Poble Nou Men's Professional Team at the Spanish National Leagues.

Yuri Colet


All our faculty members work actively in their sectors, most of them water polo coaches competing at the highest level. Besides, they have all taken an active part in designing the contents of the courses and have broad experience as teachers. 

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