BIWPA’s action plan from July to September


Regarding camps, tournaments and other water polo activities expected to be held this 2020 summer

Montjuic Municipal Pool in Barcelona | PFotoalbums
Montjuic Municipal Pool in Barcelona | PFotoalbums

Given the current situation of uncertainty and global emergency with the coronavirus, from BIWPA we want to share some guidelines that will determine the upcoming decisions concerning the celebration of the water polo summer camps and tournaments scheduled for the period from July to September 2020.


  1. The health and well-being of athletes comes first. Any decision will be made based on instructions from the health authorities and the evolution of the pandemic.
  2. There could be changes in dates, the format and/or facilities for all the activities, especially those planned for July.
  3. We are aware that this is also a financial crisis for most of the population, so we will work to adapt the registration fees to the situation of the families.
  4. A pre-registration form will be offered in all activities and we will not require any payment until 15 days prior to the start date.
  5. We guarantee the full refund in case of cancelation caused by COVID-19 disruption.
  6. We are considering the possibility to create new activities during the months of August and September, given the postponement of the academic, sports and work calendar.
  7. Any decision will always have as its main priority to enjoy water polo safely again.

We recommend any interested team or athlete to fill out the pre-registration form for the corresponding activity. This will not pose any risk in the event of cancelation, but it will be of great help for organization purposes.

We will keep updating about any future development through our usual communication channels. All news will be updated on this website page

Dates and activities

To date, here are the activities scheduled for July, August and September (updated on 04/23/2020):


June 28th to July 11th:

  • Two-week water polo camp at Club Natació Barcelona.
  • One week of artistic swimming and one week of triathlon camps at CNB.

June 29th to July 17th:

  • Three-week water polo camp in Gainesville, Florida.

July 12th to 25th:

  • Two-week water polo camp at the High Performance Center 'CAR' Sant Cugat (Barcelona).

July 26th to August 1st:

  • One-week multi sports camp in Tarragona: 'Sports, Park & Fun'.


August 28th to 30th:

  • 4th edition Beach Water Polo Costa Brava tournament in Palamós (Barcelona, Spain).


September 3rd to 6th:

  • 5th edition Barcelona International Water Polo Cup tournament (Barcelona, Spain).

September 11th to 13th:

  • 2nd edition Barcelona Masters Cup tournament (Barcelona, Spain).