Introducing the Summer Academy, BIWPA’s new summer program


A high-performance water polo program to make up for all the weeks away from the pool

As the world is progressively recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, at BIWPA we have created the Summer Academy, a brand new program designed to compensate the past three months with no pool and no water polo competition.

The program will follow the Academy methodology, led by two-time Olympic coach Quim Colet and his coaching staff, and has been created as a continuation of the Academy year-round program. It targets all international and local athletes born in 2006 and older.

Quim Colet: "A technification program different from the camp philosophy and focused exclusively on what we missed most these days: water polo."

The schedule will be completely focused on water polo. Two training sessions every weekday at the pool with one strength and conditioning session every morning. To complement the technical and tactical individual work, scrimmages with local club teams will be arranged in order to get the competition feeling back. On weekends, and depending on the availability of the local club teams, there might be round-robin tournaments.

The Summer Academy will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from June 29th until August 28th at the amazing Montjuic Olympic pool. Two outdoor pools with one of the most stunning panoramic views of Barcelona.

Learn more about the program below:

Limited spots available!

Coronavirus precautions

Since there are new developments on a daily basis, from BIWPA we can assure that we will follow strictly all precautionary measures extended by the government and the health authorities in Spain at the start of the program.

That being said, the Montjuic Olympic pool is one of the best outdoor swimming pools in Barcelona, with plenty of space that will facilitate the work with reduced groups if necessary. Besides, a properly treated swimming pool is a safe place capable of inactivating the virus.