Introducing the Technical Corner, BIWPA's new video training platform


A visual tool to master the individual technique open to the entire water polo community

The Technical Corner has been designed as a training and learning tool for both players and coaches, focusing on technical work and the fundamentals in different aspects of the water polo game.

It is accessible to everyone and offers didactic visual resources with technical comments and the support of the Watlicam technology, allowing simultaneous performance analysis of the athlete's body above and below water.

The purpose of this new service is to promote part of the methodology that we implement at the BIWPA Academy. It is a training philosophy focused on training smart players that know how to make the right decisions at every moment of the game and are highly prepared both technically and tactically.

For athletes and coaches

The videos feature both professional players and student-athletes from the BIWPA Academy with a good technical level, together with comments from the coaches.

All the content will be divided into sections about different aspects of the game, ranging from basic individual technique and offense to defense and man-up situations. There will also be a section exclusively for goalkeepers.

Here is how Sports Director Quim Colet describes it:

"Our goal is to provide a visual tool for players and coaches of the drills and techniques that are part of the water polo fundamentals and the basis of our work at the Academy. We offer a unique view where we can explicitly view the lower body work in a global image."

A methodology 'made in Spain'

This way of understanding the sport of water polo has been developed in high-performance centers in Spain and especially in Catalonia for the last 15 or 20 years and is now showing results with the recent successes of both the youth and senior Spanish national teams.

One of the cornerstones of the BIWPA methodology is precisely this work of the fundamentals and individual technique. Led by coach Quim Colet, the Academy is the BIWPA service where this training philosophy is most clearly applied.

According to Yuri Colet, one of the coaches, "individual technique is one of the keys to the development of athletes and in the case of water polo it is hard to evaluate as it happens underwater. This tool allows us to correct the small technical details that make the difference in the competition."