HaBaWaBa School

Water polo for kids 

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"Learn to swim and play water polo" 

A water polo school located in Barcelona, at the Bernat Picornell swimming pools. This is a project led by Barcelona Waterpolo Club meant to spread the sport of water polo among kids between 7 and 12 years old. 

HaBaWaBa (Happy Baby Water Ball) is the name of the world's largest water polo festival for young players, created with the idea of promoting and disseminating water polo and its values across the 5 continents.  

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Best coaching staff

Training sessions are led by Yuri Colet, professional coach with more than 10 years of experience.

Bilingual practices

Practices are held in both Spanish and English. Sport, languages and fun at the same time!

Water polo

A new way to enjoy the swimming pool. A fast paced game, fun to play and exciting to watch!


One of the water polo capitals of the world, with plenty of facilities, teams and competition from October to June.  

More than a sport

A sport with demanding training sessions that always pay off. Playing water polo builds character, confidence and discipline. 

The best facilities

The Bernat Picornell swimming pools were venue during the Barcelona 1992 Olympics and have also held European and World Championships.

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- We'll be back in January 2023 -

When? TBD

Where? TBD

Who? Kids born between 2012 - 2016

What do we offer?

A coaching staff led by Yuri Colet, an experienced coach, currently in charge of Club Natació Poble Nou Men's Water Polo Team, competing at the 1st National Division. 

Water polo is a fascinating team sport, which is played in a swimming pool with two goals and a ball. Great for fitness and physical conditioning, with few injuries and very fun to watch and play.

One of the most iconic swimming pools in Barcelona, which held the water polo final during the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games. We're bringing water polo to the Bernat Picornell pools!

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