Agreement between the BIWPA Academy and Geneva Business School


The two institutions launch a high-performance water polo program with higher studies in Barcelona

For the first time since it was born five years ago, the BIWPA Academy will offer the possibility for college athletes to combine a sports program with studies in Barcelona.

Students will have the opportunity to study a three-year bacherlor's degree at Geneva Business School, with a campus located at the epicenter of Barcelona. The school offers a Bachelor of International Management 100% in English, with specializations in Sports Management, International Relations or Digital Marketing, among others.

The agreement represents a great step forward for the BIWPA Academy, which will expand the sports program to athletes after the high school stage. It is a pioneering program in Barcelona, a benchmark city both sports and academic wise.

The student-athletes will train early in the morning with the entire group at the Blume facilities; after, they will go to class at Geneva Business School and in the afternoon they will go to club practice to prepare the weekend competition.

One academy, three formats

With the deal, the Academy opens its doors to all passionate water polo players looking to elevate their game with a high performance water polo program, combining it with a Swiss-quality business education.

At the same time, the Academy will offer the gap year option, for those athletes who want to take a break between high school and college. An opportunity to focus on water polo, learn Spanish and get to know the city and the culture.

Finally, the program for high school athletes (14-18 years old) will stay the same. A unique experience for players from all over the world to carry on with their education in Barcelona and play in one of the most challenging age group competitions in the world.