All you need to know about the new technical partner of BIWPA, Watko


After the coronavirus lockdown, BIWPA and Watko are ready for the summer

Watko, the Decathlon water polo brand, was announced as the new technical partner of BIWPA by the end of 2019. The unexpected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic forced BIWPA to cancel some of the first programs of 2020, such as the Easter Camp.

For this reason, the incorporation of the Watko equipment into the BIWPA programs had to be postponed until summer. However, after some rough months for the two companies, they are now ready to go hand in hand.

Watko will be providing all the equipment for the athletes taking part in the two BIWPA summer programs, the water polo camp at the high performance center CAR in July and also the Summer Academy in July and August in Barcelona.

A newly renovated 'beach polo'

Last but not least, the main event that Watko will be supporting is the 4th edition of the Beach Water Polo Costa Brava, one of BIWPA's star events of the season. The tournament will be played with three brand new Watko water polo fields in the beautiful seaside town of Palamós, in the heart of the Catalan northern coast, the Costa Brava.

Together with the fields, all teams will play the games with water polo balls and caps provided by Watko.

The Academy and Watko

The Decathlon young water polo brand will also experience a gradual integration into the day-to-day of the Academy, providing the gear and equipment necessary for the practices, games and trips.

Since this is the only BIWPA program happening all year-round, the Academy will become "Watko's perfect laboratory" to keep improving all its products, focusing on the balls, with the monthly feedback provided by the coaches and the student-athletes.

The first contact between the Academy and Watko will be during the Summer Academy, a two-month extension of the year-round program designed to make up for all the weeks away from the pool.